How To Catch a False Widow Spider

James —  October 16, 2013 — 3 Comments

False widow spiders are being spotted all over England now. There have even been reports of the spiders in Scotland recently in the media.

Obviously, you do not want these spiders roaming free on your house, so it’s important that you catch any false widows that might be lurking in and around your house.

There are two scenarios that you need to think about:


If your anything like me, you will want to be catching spiders whilst you sleep! After all, false widow spiders are mainly active at night.

In this case, my recommendation to you is setting spider traps!

I personally have these fantastic glue insect traps in places where I think false widow spiders are likely to enter my house from outside, primarily near doors and windows.

They are absolutely fantastic and effective for catching spiders before they crawl on you at night!

Just make sure that you get non-toxic ones that are safe for children and pets.

Live Combat!

Spider Catcher

If you spot a false widow spider in your house, you are going to want to get it out of there as quickly and safely as possible!

You will want to make sure that you don’t get too close to the spider, as the bite can be extremely dangerous.

I highly recommend using a specific spider catcher. These are really cheap to get a hold of and ensure that you don’t have to get too near to a spider to easily get rid of it!

The design of these spider catchers is pretty cool too. It’s extremely effective and does not harm the spider in any way.

They can be picked up on sites like Amazon very cheaply.

Over To You

Do you have any specific tips for catching false widow spiders safely?

We would love to hear any tips or tricks that you may have in the comments below.


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3 responses to How To Catch a False Widow Spider

  1. They are here, I wish people like you would stop hyping this silly situation up! There bite is no more than a wasp sting and at most will make you feel a little sick and swelled. They are not harmful, dangerous or will run after you with their fangs out…….get a grip woman! There is around 12 species of spider that can nip you living in the uk, and what about wasps and bees who stings can be a lot worse! Also around 30 people a year die from wasp and bee stings allergy and disturbing nests etc why is no one going crazy about that? Also glue traps are bad – we need spiders to keep things such as the insect / fly population down and at a steady level. They won’t crawl on you at night you are speaking out of a fear and that is because you more than likely have not educating yourself on spiders in general! I used to be scared of spiders and I am not any more. You lady are ignorant. Just be thankful we don’t love in Australia with funnel webs or probably Brazil with the banana spider. Educate yourself and stop scare mongering!!

    • Sorry you are wrong about these being no worse than a wasp. Wasps belong in our ecosystems and have a role to play, these spiders do not.

      They are an invasive species and are upsetting our natural balance badly. We have no spiders of any other type in our house now and the numbers of other spiders outside is decreasing too. They are an active predator and so very efficient killing machines for little stuff even killing the Wolsey spiders.

      As to scaremongering, wasps and bees don’t lurk in dark places in your house and come out to crawl over you at night, false widows do.
      Wasps and bees aren’t very active during the winter, false widows are here all year round.

      These need exterminating along with but before, japanese knotweed, himalayan balsam etc

  2. We have an infestation of false widows. We sprayed them with deodorant to get them out the cracks and then caught them with clothes pegs.

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