The 5 Worst False Widow Spider Bite Wounds

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With the growth of the false widow spider population in the United Kingdom and the spread of the species across the country, a lot more of their bites are being reported.

Although for most people a bite from this creature will only give the same reaction as a bee or a wasp sting, for those who are unfortunate enough to be allergic to the spider’s venom, it can have some terrible, potentially life threatening effects.

Here are some of the worst false widow spider bite wounds we have seen online (please be warned that some people may find these images disturbing):

5. Decorator Will Need to Learn to Walk Again

False Widow Spider Leg Wound

A 39 year old man will have to learn to walk again following a false widow spider bite.

The man was working at a school when he got bitten and soon after had to have surgery to remove the venom which was poisoning his body.

After being off his feet for six months, he will have to learn to walk again.


4. Bodybuilder Almost Loses Arm

False Widow Spider Wound

A 33 year old bodybuilder got bitten on his arm by a false widow spider whilst clearing weeds at his allotment.

His hand swelled up so badly that he had to be admitted to hospital where his arm was cut open to remove the venom. He was told by doctors that he almost lost his arm.


3. Young Torquay Footballer Gets Hole in His Side

Torquay False Widow Spider Bite

A young footballer in Torquay had to have an emergency operation following being bitten by a false widow spider.

Doctors had to cut away part of the footballer’s skin to remove the venom.


2. Schoolboy Admitted to Hospital Following Bite

False Widow Spider Bite

A 14 year old schoolboy from Sutton was admitted to hospital following being bitten by a false widow spider in the night.

Fortunately the boy was well enough to return home after an overnight stay and a strong dose of penicillin.


1. 48 Year Old Woman Almost Loses Hand

False Widow Spider Bite Hand

A 48 year old woman from Poole in Dorset almost lost her hand when she was bitten by a false widow spider in the night.

She was admitted to hospital where surgeons had to operate on her hand three times to remove the poison. She was left in hospital for six weeks following the bite and feels like that she still has her hand.


Any We Have Missed?

If you have seen a false widow spider bite wound online that you feel should be a part of this list, please feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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